Additional Environmental Enrichment for Pigs.

Providing food that requires manipulation,
such as apples, is good practice and pigs
also benefit from „toys‟ designed to satisfy
their rooting, mouthing and chewing
behaviour. The most attractive items are
those that are flexible and that can be
manipulated in their mouths, for example,
rubber dog toys, lengths of hose-pipe,
hanging chains with items tied to them, and
strips of fabric tied to the bars of the pen.
All such items are easily cleaned so they
can be used in areas where sterility is
required. Keeping toys clean is also
important because pigs find them
unattractive when soiled. Novelty is key to
ensuring a pig‟s continued interest, so toys
should be changed regularly, unless an animal has an individual favourite item. Brushes, or other
suitably rough materials, mounted on the side of the pen, allow pigs to perform rubbing and
scratching behaviours.

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