Spaying your pet pig.

It is really important to have your females spayed before they reach the age of six months old, spaying at a later age becomes a risky proceedure as the pig has already developed more fat on their bodies and more the vet has to cut into the fat to do the spay. It is also important to let them have their first heat cycle before you have the spay done. Listed below is a complete process of the spaying itself. (Warning, some images may be graphic)

Spaying Pot Bellied Pig

Spaying a pig has similarities to spaying dogs and cats, but not a lot! It is an interesting surgery because of the unique anatomy of the pot bellied pig. They have miles of intestines and a uterus that’s very long because of the large number of piglets that are born at one time.

On the day of surgery we need your pet in the hospital between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. Please take away all food and water when you go to bed the evening before surgery, and do not give your pig anything to eat or drink the morning of surgery. It will go home in the late afternoon the day of surgery. Please call our office at 4 PM for pickup time, you will be given post operative instructions then.

This is Elly, a young lady who will be our patient today.

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