Some piglets are born with defects that are inherited from the sow or boar. Deficiencies in the nutrition (feed) of the sow and infections during pregnancy can also cause defects in piglets. Defects mostly frequently seen are:

Umbilical, scrotal and inguinal hernias (or ruptures)
The piglet does not have an anus (Atresia ania)
Bisexual piglets (hermaphroditism)
Congenital tremors—piglets have the tremors at birth, but can also develop tremors during the first four to five days after birth. These piglets can die of starvation if the tremors are severe, or recover gradually when the tremors are mild.
Splay leg—the piglets are born with weak hind legs resulting in typical splayed legs. These piglets often die from starvation or from the sow lying on them.

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