Diving pig sets world record

Diving pig sets new world record

July 23 2005 at 11:06am

Australia’s famous flying pig secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records this week with a 3,3m, 10 ft, 10 inches  leap from a 5m, diving pig diving pig 2 platform into a pool of water at the Royal Darwin Show in the Northern Territory.

Miss Piggy was assured of setting a record because she was the only challenger in the new category.

“It was a brilliant dive, it really was,” Tom Vandeleur, owner of the five-month-old sow, told Australia’s AAP news agency.

“She just launched herself off the ramp and it was a beautiful motion. Her front legs were tucked in and her back legs were spread out.”

Vandeleur, a former pig farmer who broke into the entertainment industry with his polished

porkers 10 years ago, said Miss Piggy’s achievement was all the more impressive because she can leap more than three times her body length.

Vandeleur became a showman because he knew pigs liked performing.

“Having bred pigs and seen their antics, I just knew this was something they would be able to do,” he said. “Pigs are water animals. They love the water. They’ve got no fear of it. It’s just the height problem they have to overcome.”

He was adamant that Miss Piggy didn’t need any inducements to race along the ramp and become airborne.

“She does everything herself, she’s not pushed or anything,” msaid. “She goes up the 5m ramp herself, she dives herself. We’ve been diving pigs for six years.” – Sapa-dpa

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