Indoor Pet Pigs

A true, purebred Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is not as large as manyof the “pet” pigs bred and sold today in America. Because ordinary farmyard pigs and wild boars can be cross-bred with the original pot-bellies, many today grow quite large, reaching weights of up to 300 pounds!

Many “pet” pigs are displaced every year in America, a sad situation caused by so many being bred and marketed as “mini-pigs”, “tea-cup pigs” and so on. These animals are bred for profit and often purchased by well-meaning, but ignorant people who soon find out their little pig is going to grow beyond the accommodations a suburban home may provide. (Educate yourself and Know about your Breeder)

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I an avid horseback rider, animal lover, and Owner/Operator of Creekside Farm Tiny Oinkers or my webpage All of my writing comes from factual information, not just my personal experiences or word of mouth.

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