The kidneyworm, Stephanurus, is a short (1 inch), stout, black and white worm found in the fat around the kidney and sometimes in the kidney. Mature infections are found primarily in sows, since it takes nine months to one year after infection before eggs are produced by adult kidneyworms. Because infection occurs in and around the kidneys, eggs are passed in the urine.

Wooded lots and shaded farrowing pens often become contaminated areas where larvae hatch from eggs and enter the soil. Pigs may become exposed to infective larvae by ingestion, skin penetration and ingestion of infected earthworms. Larvae then move from the small intestine and eventually into the liver, where they remain for two to four months.

Other organs such as the lungs and spleen may also be infected. From the liver, larvae migrate to areas around and in the kidneys and even into back muscle. Most of the damage is found in the liver, which becomes heavily scarred, and in nearby muscle tissue. Outbreaks have occurred in southern Missouri with both breeding stock and market-weight pigs involved

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