More on Experience with Dippity

Me and TaterVickie Craig
I would like to tell everyone about my experience of Dippity. My Tater was around 1 yr. old when this first happened to him. We had a friend visit, and he is one of those people who talks loud and uses his hands alot to talk. Tater kept watching him with the old evil eye and decided to charge Ron, so I put him in his crate. I went to show Ron something on my computer and when Ron followed me out of the room, Tater went crazy in the crate, started biting the crate and acting like Ron was going to hurt me or something. After Ron left, I let him out and tried to reassure him things were ok, because he kept running around and blowing and still looking for Ron. Now first let me say, this man has never done anything to Tater. Later that night he came down with dippity, and this is horrible to watch, scared me to death. It came sudden, lasted 24 hours, and left as fast as it came. About 2 months later, I was talking to Ron on my speaker phone and Tater got upset, just from hearing his voice and started the dippity again. I immediately gave him 25 mg. of benadryl and I know this sounds strange, but it stopped the dippity attack. I know that in a person, benadryl will sometimes make you drowsie and I can’t help but wander if it somehow had a calming effect on Tater that might have stopped the attack. I do tend to lean toward the theory that stress has something to do with this. This was the last time that dippity reared its ugly head for him, and boy am I glad. Tater is over 3 yrs. now, but he still hates Ron with a passion!


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