Peeing outside the potty box.

Well, usually when piggies “forget” potty training, it’s because they were never really fully trained in the first place. They were making little accidents all along, but the people didn’t spot those tiny accidents until they became bigger accidents. Now if your piggy has been using his or her box for a long period of time, then you could have other problems: A- a UTI infection, a parcel blockage. Watch to see if the stream is steady and strong, if so, this is probably not the problem. B- your pig has become sexually mature and if he or she has not been fixed, they could be marking scent to attract a suitable mate. C- Acting out because of changes that have been made in your household. As pigs are a creature of habit, moving things around or adding to something or someone new in you household can cause them to act out because they are displeased about the changes.

Make sure you only have one potty box in the house and place it where it is going to be in a permanent place in your home. Make sure that it is large enough and low enough to be comfortable for your piggy to use. And I have found that some pigs are shy, so place in a area with low traffic.

Sometimes when pigs are thirsty they will hold their urine until they get to drink. In severe cases, chronically dehydrated pigs frequently pee while drinking water. Clean fresh water is a must at all times, never withhold water from your pig.

Never ask your pig to share a potty box with another animal, such as a cat. Cat litter can be harmful to your pigs health as they sometimes try and eat the cat litter, always use pine shavings, pine pellets or shredded newspapers sometimes work.You will need to clean any area’s that your pig has used outside the box with a pet odor remover, some people have used vinegar and water. Then as a safety measure, place something heavy in front of the place or places they have used outside the box to keep them from going back to that spot. Watch your pig, if they return to the no no site, pick them up and place them in their potty box or if training to go outside, place them outside and don’t let them back in until they have finished their business, if you have achieved success,  then a reward treat may be in order.

If you notice that your pig is having trouble such as hunching and the stream is not steady and strong, then you could have a problem with UTI or blockage, This requires Vet attention right away.

Training a pig to a potty box is really not that hard, but you have to be consistent and watch them like a hawk especially when they are little, if left with their mom’s when small and not taken away to soon, mom will do most of the training for you, they learn at an early age that they have a potty corner, this is a learned behavior taught by their mothers at a very early age, so you will have to re-teach them when they enter their new home. Plenty of patience and being consistent is much needed on your part, and when the piggy does the right thing a positive reassurance of praise or a small treat should be given.


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I an avid horseback rider, animal lover, and Owner/Operator of Creekside Farm Tiny Oinkers or my webpage All of my writing comes from factual information, not just my personal experiences or word of mouth.