Gottening Research pig

During the development of the Gottening Research pig, many colors were developed, silver, silver with spots, white, white with spots, red, red with spots, black, black with white markings. The colors were not desirable for a research pig as they wanted all white stock, so that is when the gene that produces white pigs in the german Landrance was used to genectically alter all the mini pigs white. You will hardley ever see mention of the orgin of the painted miniatures except for the fact that they were imported from Western Europe. The Gold Star registry was actually started in the USA by Kiyoko Hancock in the later 1980’s, which is when some of the Gottening stock came into American. The registry was started to perserve the bloodlines of this truly small miniature, but did not take long before it was disolved in the mid 1990’s due to much crossbreeding . Today some of this breed does still exist in the USA, what alot of folks refer to as the Juliani. The only Juliani Breed registry out there today is JPAR and they do not accept solid colors of this breed, Their breed standards are much different than the original registry for this pig. The micro, a term meant only as a size reference, usually refers to one of this breed. The small pigs do exist still, but they are few and far between.