Natural Behavior:

Pigs are truly unique animals. They have several natural behaviors (that they love…and that you should become familiar with). The more you know and understand about your pet piggy, the better your relationship will be.

Verb – To roll about or lie in water, snow, mud, dust or the like, as for refreshment
Pigs LOVE to wallow! If they could talk…they’d probably tell you that wallowing is their all time favorite thing to do. Pigs also LOVE fresh mud, however, if mud is not available, they will settle for fresh dirt that they have rooted up or hay that they have chewed, piled up and pushed around. Nothing feels better to a pot-belly pig then wallowing in a mud pit or wading in a shallow kiddie pool (especially on a hot day!). They absolutely love to make a mess…the messier the better!

Verb – To pull, tear, or dig up by the roots (often followed by up or out)
Pot bellied pigs have powerful snouts! Rooting behavior is a manifestation of the pig’s natural desire to investigate its environment (they are extremely curious creatures!). A pig will unearth worms, plants, roots, bugs…just about anything. It is important to note that a pig will practice its rooting behavior just about anywhere. After all, he doesn’t know the difference between your vegetable garden, your perfectly manicured lawn or a pasture. Therefore, it is important that you provide a suitable place for your pet pig to “root” so that he or she can fulfill this natural and important instinct. If you don’t, your pig will first of all, be very unhappy and second, when inside, your pig WILL root up your carpet (trust me on this). They also enjoy chewing on and pushing around hay. In fact, a pile of hay will keep a pot-bellied pig busy for hours.

Scratching and Rubbing
Who doesn’t love a good scratch and massage now and again? If you pig had its way, it would insist that you scratch and massage him all day long. Pot belly pigs that have healthy, well oiled skin will demand less scratching time from their owners. Therefore, it is important to keep your pet pig’s skin in tip-top shape. However, even pigs with perfect skin still love the attention.

So there you have it…three natural piggy behaviors that you should become familiar with (rooting, wallowing and scratching). All three are an important part of your pet’s life. It is important that you acknowledge these behaviors and allow your pet piggy to partake in all three on a daily basis. After all, a happy, well adjusted pot belly pig equals a happy home.
Article written by Dave.