So you think you want a pet pig?

Pig Fact of the Day: So you think you want a pet pig?

Important Information – Please Read Before Buying A Pet Pig

Before considering buying a pet pig, check with your local city or county to see if there are any restrictions, obligations, requirements or regulations with which you need to abide?

Important Things To Remember When Looking To Buy A Piglet.

Always inspect the pigs
Look at their environment and where they’re kept
How they are treated
Look at the breeding pigs (parents) – their age, size, weight, temperament and litter size
Look for tusks on the boar (tusks should be well and truly visible over 3 years of age) – If the tusks have been trimmed or removed, ask the breeder to show you the pigs mouth – if the breeder declines your request be wary
Get as much information about their breed and/or history

Never trust or take someone’s word over the phone
Photos can be deceiving unless taken at shoulder height of the pig with a measuring stick beside it
Compare prices to other breeders
Always ask questions

Important Points and Questions To Consider Before You Decide To Buy A Pet Pig

Are pigs allowed in your city or town?
Will your pig be living in a backyard or on a farm?
Do you own or rent your property?
How will you house your pig?
Will the pig be kept indoors or outdoors?
What will the pen size be?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Is your backyard landscaped?
A pig is a farm animal not a domestic backyard pet
Pigs are destructive, they love to dig, it’s an instinctual behaviour, their snouts are a digging tool
What type of house will the pig have for protection?
Will the pig have shade, sunlight and a dry area during the winter?
If the pig is going to spend most of its time indoors, will the pig be able to go outside when you are not home (eg: a piggy door)?
For pigs that will be allowed in the house, what type of floor covering do you have?
Is your house child proof?
Have you owned a pet pig?
Are you aware the size of an adult pig?
Did you know that pigs continue to grow till about 3 or 4 years of age?
Have you seen a 4 or 5 year old pig?
Is everyone in the family happy about adopting a pig?
Do you own other animals? If so what types?
Do you have children? If so what age(s) are they?
A pig’s life span is estimated at 15 to 20 years. Are you aware of this?
What are your long term plans if the pig lives for 20 years?
Are you aware of proper feeding and where to buy pig food?
Do you have a vet who can and will work on pigs?
If you are adopting a second pig to go with a pig you already own, are you able to fence train the pigs so that they can visit with each other for a week or two before putting them together?
Would you consider rescuing a pig in need of a loving home rather than buying one from a pig breeder?
What age, sex, colour, breed and size pig(s) are you looking for?

( Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals who grow very attached to their owners, you become their family. Deciding to rehome or give them away after you have raised them is like giving your child away! They can sink into a deep depression, grieve, develope bad behaviour that may make them unadoptable to anyone else and wind up in a sancuary to spend the rest of their lifes wandering what they did wrong and why their family doesn’t love them anymore. So Please do your homework before you decide you want a pet pig! )