Top 5 famous Pigs

Top 5 Famous Pigs

Jul 27, 2009 | category: Animals

Pigs have been portrayed throughout history as dirty, dumb, and lazy, but did you know that pigs are actually clean, bright, energetic animals? Pigs can be house-trained and leash-trained more easily than dogs, and one Vietnamese pot-bellied pig risked her own life to save her owner. The 150-pound Lulu squeezed out through a doggie door and led a passing motorist to the room where her owner was having a heart attack. So, it’s only natural to celebrate these awesome oinkers by listing the five most famous TV and movie pigs.

Here are five of the world’s most well-known and beloved pigs:

1. Porky Pig

“Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!” With his famous tagline Porky Pig stuttered his way into the hearts of cartoon lovers around the world. Appearing on the big screen in 1936, Porky Pig soon became Warner Brothers foremost cartoon character, but when their Looney Tuners Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck burst on the scene, Porky soon evolved into more of a sidekick. His legacy lives on, however, in the guise of Hamton Pig of TinyToons fame.

2. Arnold Ziffel

One of the quainter features of country life in the 1960s TV sitcom Green Acres was pig Arnold Ziffle. Arnold, a very svelte porker, lived with Fred and Doris Ziffle in their Hooterville home. Arnold lived as the Ziffels’ son, doing all the things children do—watching TV (and changing the channels), taking his lunchbox (in his mouth) to school, and painting pictures (one of which was banned due to its suggestive content). As Arnold grew older, he fell in love with a dog, was named the heir to a fortune, was the winner of several contests, and was even drafted into the Army.

3. Miss Piggy

Frank Oz’ porcine diva Miss Piggy sashayed her way through the ‘70s and ‘80s Muppet Show and several feature films, trying to catch the attention of her “Kermie” the Frog. The blue-eyed blond bombshell is by turns sweet and girlish and rough and ready to karate chop anyone in her way as she fights her way to super-stardom. Miss Piggy has shared the stage with Dolly Parton and Juice Newton, and in recent years, she has sung her “swine songs” with the Jonas Brothers, Ashley Tisdale, and the Cheetah Girls.

4. Babe

Never discouraged by the fact that he wasn’t a sheep dog, Babe (1996) trained himself to herd sheep. No one believed he would succeed, but, determined to be a contributing member of the farm family (and anxious to avoid being made into ham) Babe persevered. When he finally learned the secret language of sheep, his success as a sheep pig was secured. In 1998 Babe returned to the big screen, going to the city with the farmer’s wife in an attempt to save the farm. After he was separated from his human companion, Babe soon faced—and overcame—a host of big city perils.

5. Wilbur

Readers of E.B. White’s classic Charlotte’s Web, as well as viewers of the 1976 animated movie and the more recent 2006 live action remake, know Wilbur as “some pig”. Saved from slaughter by young Fern, Wilbur grows from the runt of the litter to a prize-winning porker. Though, as one of the characters in the book remarks, Charlotte the spider is the more amazing, Wilbur is the most loveable and children easily identify with his wide-eyed wonder and worry about the world around him.

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in conclusion…

After reading through this list of five famous pigs, will knowing all about how funny, touching, entertaining, loyal, and mischievous they are make you think twice about adding bacon to your cheeseburger order at the drive-through window?


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