Your Piggy’s Skin


All pigs have naturally dry skin. If your piglet’s or pig’s skin is drier than usual or flaky and scaly, use some olive oil or vitamin e oil to moisten it, freshen and restore it to a healthy condition but be careful with white skin pigs as they can sunburn easily. It may be useful to do this in the late afternoon or evening. If the problem persists, then a worming product might be the solution.

Giving your pig a bath everytime he or she gets a little dirty is a big no no, you will wash away all the natural oils in their skin and cause their skin to dry out. Use a medium type soft brush and brush your pig, this will clean some of the dirt and your pig will love the attention.

Some pigs lose their coats in summer and others thin out (like most animals) and grow a thick coat again for the winter. Don’t panic if hands full of hair are coming off your pig in summer months, it is normal and most refer to this as blowing their coat in the summer. If your pig is kept indoors most likely their hair will remain short for the most part, but they will still shed some hair in the summer months as well.

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